It was a welcome return for the much revered developer at E3 this year. After a dramatic 2015 with Konami and several snubs from them, Kojima returned to warm welcomes from a plethora of fans – myself being one of them.

Kojima-san greeted the audience with a resounding “I’m back!”  and to a much positive response from the audience.

Every one has been waiting some time for details on Kojima’s new game since partnering up with Sony. And his announcement will certainly boggle the brain. Kojima has made it known that he wants people to speculate on his trailer, so we shall.

Hideo Kojima is the King of Cryptic, if you ever played an MGS game in your life, you will be familiar with his set-up. However, Death Stranding certainly pushes Kojima’s odd appeal to the next level. The trailer is very eerie and we see a naked Norman Reedus spread-eagled on a beach. My first thought after seeing an umbilical cord leading from Norman to a crying baby next to him, potentially a trans-gendered Norman? When Norman stands up, the baby disappears, and we see what looks like surgical wound in his abdomen. It’s suggestive of the above, but could also sway toward a sci-fi alien form? Similar to that as we have seen in Alien. All I do know is that a naked man connected to a crying baby is indicative of creepy.

If we delve even deeper, the meaning behind Death Stranding, as explained by Kojima is;

You talk about “mass stranding” when there are a lot of whales or dolphins stranded on the beach. It’s called “live stranding” when they’re alive, and “dead stranding” when they’re dead. The meaning of the title is that something came from “some world” and is stranded.

During the trailer we see a lot of dead sea-life and an element of oil that is all over Norman’s hands. If we consider that Norman is the only one standing, it could potentially be other worldly. A point between life and death where Norman’s character could be stuck inside – an oily limbo if you will. Another theory could be, looking at Norman’s hands covered in a black, oily substance, is he responsible for all the dead aquatic life? There are hand prints all over his body, suggesting that he could also potentially be responsible for all of this death on a wider scale.

There is definitely a sci-fi element going on here, even just taking a look at the handcuffs around Norman’s wrists, they certainly do not look like your regular modern cuffs.

If we were really going to push the boat out on analysing this trailer, P.T was a baby for Kojima and Konami ripped the fetus from Kojima’s hands. After their abhorrent treatment of their long-stranding developer, P.T was ripped away from Kojima and us fans. We know Kojima loves a bit of symbolism, the above is unlikely the actual symbolism but I would safely bet there is an unconscious element there from Mr Kojima.

Overall, the Death Stranding was creepy and bizzare, which is perfectly fine with me as it screams originality. The trailer garnered so many questions that will go unanswered for the next few years. All we know at the moment is that Kojima has not decided on an engine yet, and given his track record with development of games we will probably be looking at a 2018-2020 release.

The King of Cryptic has returned and we cannot wait to decipher Death Stranding when it’s finally released.