Goldberg & his WWE Future

The past week has been brimming with big news from WWE, first off we heard that Smackdown was going back to being a live show, on a Tuesday of all days – Im guessing this is so they can get the big shows out of the way early week and stick with the house shows and touring for the rest. We also heard that once again, bringing back horrid memories of Buff Bagwell on Raw, there is going to be a “Brand Extension”. Why they call it this I couldn’t tell you, for the layman among us its just a roster split. Im intrigued as to how this is going to play out, are the shows going to have their own titles? Are the Champions going to be on both shows? Oh yeh, and no doubt this is the start of the penultimate rivalry between Shane & Steph and who is going to end up controlling either show. Other news sees the announcement of, none other than, Bill Goldberg as the feature on the upcoming WWE 2K17 game – Dont pre-order (South Park fans will know why)


I’ve never been Goldberg’s biggest fan, I wasn’t much of a WCW fan in general back in the day however I have caught up on a lot thanks to the good ol’ Network beforehand however I was obviously aware of his 176-0 streak from his debut until his first loss. Talking of which, did WCW have about 40 shows a week? These numbers used to jump up tremendously week to week – Who doesn’t love a bit of exaggeration?


We all know Goldberg didn’t have the best of times in his short WWE tenure previously, not the best on the mic and known to be a stiff worker who injured opponents occasionally, he had what, like 3 moves? He wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea when it came to working a match. I cant recall anything that happened in any of his WWE matches, the only thing I remember was that debacle of a “match” against Brock with Stone Cold as ref, I think we’d all rather forget that one ever happened – This could however all be brought back up, Goldberg V Lesnar at Summerslam? Yes please, those memories need to be erased. It’d be good to see two guys who are known to be so hard in the ring actually clash in a proper match.


Incredible, on paper only.
Incredible, on paper only.


Lets be fair though, it could all turn out to be the next Batistagate, and with a swift change into some blue speedos Goldberg could be booed to fuck and back the moment he comes out, I feel he’s got the nostalgia side of things on his side though so expect a mixed reaction.




If it does fall flat on its face, they could always bring in a tag partner for Bill, his trusty pet goat, Goatberg


When it comes to records, exaggerated and all, nobody can take away the sheer statement this man made in the Wrestling Industry – to this day he only officially has 5 losses to his name. Initially brought in as WCWs version of Steve Austin, he established himself as much more than that and became a household name. A brief crossover into MMA commentating, movie appearances and currently his own podcast, the Goldberg name has quietly stuck around and it seems like its going to for a little bit longer.


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