With season 6 of Game of Thrones due to start tomorrow here at Nerdhub we are wetting ourselves with anticipation, but also if you’ve seen some of the people we have here something much worse than anticipation. Anyway, here is a preview for season 6.

With so many unanswered questions and a storyline that has the Internet acting like crazy fangirls the season premiere is set to outdo any previous viewing numbers.

Is Jon Snow dead?http://nerdhub.co.uk/wp-admin/plugins.php

He looks it, but with the Red Woman still at The Wall anything is possible. I’m going to try away from any spoilers but there are lots of theories about how he could be brought back or saved from death, I’ll let you research those some other time.

Where is Khaleesi?

But still the mother of dragons, better not piss her off, luckily Jorah Mormont is on the case, but he’s slowly turning into a scale skinned monster, well I suppose dragons aren’t a bad plan B.

Things in Meereen have just got a lot more interesting, it seems like Tyrion is plotting for the dragons to be released, although it would be epic it raises more questions, will they obey anyone other than Khaleesi? Is there anything to stop them ripping through in sight? Still a mouth watering prospect though.


I don’t think he will actually find himself in front of the Ice Darth Maul but it’s an interesting scene to put in the trailer. Was it a dream? Has he managed to walk again? But most importantly, where is Hodor? I didn’t see him anywhere in that trailer, have you taken enough fan favourites George?


What’s going on with the the Stark girls?


Poor blind Arya, we see her training but what for? Credit to the kick up though, that was nice. In the trailer we have Jaqen H’ghar saying “The girl has been given a second chance, there will not be a third” I don’t know what it means but I can’t wait to find out.



All she thinks about is what’s been taken from her, Winterfell? Is she going to try and take it back? One battle at a time Sansa, you’ve only just escaped Ramsay Bolton. From the trailer it looks like she has some bannermen at her side, perhaps the remains of Robs army? I guess we’ll all have to watch to find out.