During the course of the Euros we want to keep you updated with all the games so we will be tweeting out our predictions before the games and our thoughts during them, so why not join us @nerdhubonline.


Onto the football! so first up we have France v Romania.

Romania through qualifying


Unbeaten in qualifying with 5 wins and 5 draws should hold Romania in good stead for the tournament, should but it won’t, they haven’t played anyone like France before, they averaged 1.1 goals a game and only conceded 0.2 goals a game.  An impressive defensive record which is in part thanks to Razvan Rat, the 35 year old has his final chance to impress at the big stage. Can Romania do it?

France’s home tournament


And they have an incredibly talented team to boast, with the potential attacking trio of Griezmann, Coman and Martial other teams should be afraid, if you look at the strongest lineup France can have you wouldn’t put it past them lifting the trophy, I’ve picked France as my winners.


As is customary in these things I’ll now make my predictions on the result.

France 3 – 0 Romania

Sorry Razvan, France are going to be pumped up for this and they can’t lose.

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