A few days late to the party but here is our brief look into the new Black Ops 3 DLC



Set in what could be mistaken for 1970’s Japan, there is a very oriental theme to this map which makes a room solely based on disco seem out of place. A medium sized maps with sharp turns and building dotted around the place, I wouldn’t suggest using a sniper rifle as it seems more close quarters, I’ll be using the haymaker or argus, but that’s just me.


A futuristic revamp of the classic map Terminal, another medium sized map with great possibility for a game of Mike Myers, try not to be taken back by the sheer amount of detail put into every building, if you spend any time looking out at the skyscrapers piercing through the cloud you’ll notice planes flying high which is a nice touch, it would not surprise me to see Dubai in 20 years to have airports like this.


The setting has been taken straight from Mad Max, everything screams post apocalyptic world but we still get send to fight in it, a seemingly endless supply of tunnels is a campers dream, a central bridge that I make it my mission to defend from you scum, again, you really can use any gun on this map, I’d avoid a shotgun because of the range but don’t let me put you off.


Set above a volcano with plenty of opportunities to fall to your death, a map large enough but with enough cover and building so you can use any weapon of your choosing. Not that anyone asked but I’ll be using an assault rifle for this map, and if I’m feeling cowardly I’ll change to a sniper rifle.

Zetsubou No Shima

If you don’t like spiders avoid this map, the dogs have been replaced by spider, there are webs over some of the perk machines. There are so many things to discover in this map, you can build the shield again, a gas mask, a machine, KT-4. And alters to use with skulls.
Quite a dark map so it easy to miss things so bear that in mind when searching for things. And be sure to water your seeds! It’ll be worth it.