I suppose I should explain before starting with the list, it isn’t in order, a little bit of my soul died when writing this so putting them in order would kill the rest of it. Just because a movie makes the list doesn’t make it a bad movie. I think most of them are, it just means it didn’t live up to the hype I had for it, again, all personal preferences and if you disagree feel free to comment  or call us out on twitter @nerdhubonline


Batman & Robin (1997)


Imagine a Batman movie with Robin, Poison Ivy and Bane….and Batgirl too. I guess, like anybody you’d naturally be pretty excited for it, George Clooney playing Batman…sure why not. But no, no, no, no. this movie almost killed that Batman franchise and we have only Christopher Nolan to thank. From the awful dialogue to the laughable fight scenes, everything about this movie is wrong. Most importantly, the Batsuit…oh the batsuit, does it need nipples? No, it didn’t.


The Hangover: Part 2


Let’s face it, the The Hangover was wildly popular, and rightly so. The appeal is that it was so crude and unique that it took the movie world by storm. Let’s discuss the sequel, just because a formula works once it doesn’t mean it will work time after time. There is an old adage that familiarity breeds contempt, and it is even more evident in movies. You can’t just have the same story and put it in a different location, which is what most try to achieve these days. To be fair The Hangover: Part 2 they did add a monkey….but they had a baby in the first one, so they replaced the baby with a monkey? The movie itself was fine, I just expected more, a lot more.


300: Rise of Empire

The first one was an incredible piece of film making, an over the top violent and the cartoon-like blood was something I’ve not seen before. 300i is also one of the most quotable movies, and infact, boasts one of the most famous memes of all time. So hype was to be expected when they announced there would be a sequel, and quite frankly it failed to live up to expectation. Although we did get to see a lot of Eva Green, and that was one of the only redeeming features, it very much felt like 300 light, like something we’ve seen before but on a smaller stage. disappointing to say the least.

maxresdefault (3)


Star Wars Episode 1

16 years after episode 6 the prequel trilogy begins, and everyone wanted to watch it, Darth Maul was hyped in the trailer and he was the most badass character of the year, and that double bladed lightsaber, I have to give credit where credit is due and the lightsaber battles in The Phantom Menace where the best of the Star Wars movies at the time, but it was awful, take away Darth Maul and there is very little to enjoy from it, that’s not what we expect from a Star Wars movie.

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Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

I LOVE Harrison Ford, and when you look at the cast it should have been so much better, it was let down by a weak story with a ridiculous ending, I don’t know if it’s simply down to age but this just didn’t work, somethings should be left alone and this is a prime example, now there are talks about another Indiana Jones movie in the pipeline, lets just hope it’s to fix the taint that Crystal Skull left on the legacy of Indiana Jones.



Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 was meant to star Venom as the main villain, my favourite villain from the Spiderman universe so to say I was hyped for this movie would be an understatement, and then it was released…and what is seen cannot be unseen, what were they thinking? Topher Grace as Venom! why did Stan Lee let this happen? the main problem with this movie is that they tried to do too many things, and also that dance….if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a link

Just remember that is supposed to be a superhero movie.


And that’s about all I can take so that’s the last movie on the list, I’d love to hear more about your disappointments so let me know them down in the comments section.