With the announcement that Goldberg will be the pre order bonus character (two playable versions of the man mountain) of this year’s game other questions start to fly around. Will there be a WCW story mode? Will any other stars of old make a come back? Below are 5 things that I’d like to see back in WWE 2K17 as always, if you disagree feel free to comment on it or call us out on twitter @nerdhubonline.


More Match Types

Since 2K sports took over the WWE games they stripped away a lot in an attempt to improve the gameplay and give it a solid base to work on. The argument of, did they succeed or not is one for another day, one thing they must do is start to bring back all the classic game types we loved; Backstage Brawl, Bar Brawl, Parking lot brawl…we want to brawl, 2K!



More Legends

This might just be me being greedy and I’m showing my age but I don’t care about Paul Wight, we already have the Big Show on the game. For me, there are too many 80’s Wrestling legends on the game, yes but they helped build the company but what about the next generation? Eddie Guerrero? Kurt Angle? Lita? Trish? There will be a lot more but I’m going to stop at those, if you think of anyone I’ve missed or you’d just like to see on the game comment below.



Improved Weapon Shots

I’m a simple man with simple dreams, I want to beat my opponent by using an elaborate chair shots, is that too much to ask? Gone are the games of old that included a chair finisher, I’m not asking for that to be brought back, but at least give us the Van Daminator, that was awesome.


NXT Roster

That’s right, although by the time the game is released I expect a lot of NXT stars will have been called up to the main roster. They have a habit of making stars out of anybody, also signing stars from other companies works too. At least let us have 10/15 NXT stars to use, Tye Dillinger for example would be someone who would be incredibly popular but probably won’t be in the game.



GM Mode

The thing I want back the most of all. If they announce that GM mode is making a come back I will lose my mind. For this to work they needed to announce a brand split, which they have done, meaning it could potentially happen. If they do bring back GM mode I hope they bring back the Draft.


Anyone who remembers this as fondly as I do must want it back. There was just something about it, you could create your own dream rosters. This is something that’s being claimed a lot recently on WWE programming is the phrase “Dream Match”. Since it is impossible for the WWE to please everyone this gives us the chance to make our own dream matches, push our favourite superstars and not who Vince fancies that night.

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So there we have it! Only time will tell if I get what I want. I hope you agree with most of it, if not all, of the points made.

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