With the Premier League season only weeks, and quite frankly I need something to distract me from the referendum fallout, I’ve decided to share with you my top 5 picks to have in your dream team this season. Some will be blindingly obvious, some might come as a surprise, this is going to be a mixture of how well I think the individual/team will do, as well as the price.

5. Eric Bailly


The new centre back at Manchester United, and it hurts me to put him in, but I can see him being a big hit. Mourinho is the new man in charge and he loves a solid defence, expect a lot of 1-0 wins, just like Chelsea of old. Despite that being boring it means any Utd defender is going to rack up the points.


4. Gareth McAuley


Everyone loves a wildcard and that is exactly what Gareth McAuley is. Lets face it, we play for West Brom – a Tony Pulis West Brom and that means one thing, a solid defence unit. A unit who are likely to get one or two surprise results, in all honesty I was torn between McAuley and Craig Dawson. In the end I made my decision and the season will tell if I’m right or not.


3. Dusan Tadic



Save your money and don’t spend it all on the big names that will disappoint. Yes, Southampton has lost Koeman, but they managed to replace their manager and kept going. I don’t think Tadic will be setting the world alight but I fully expect a solid campaign, which is more than I can say for some mid fielders.


2. Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero

Well he had to be in the list. I told you some would be blindingly obvious. Probably the best player in the Premier League, certainly the best striker (sorry Harry Kane fans) There’s no doubt he’ll be one of the most expensive player you can get, but sometimes you have to pay for quality.


1. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Make no illusions, Chelsea will be back, and they will be better. Last season he was a shadow of his former self and Chelsea paid the price, I fully expect him to the focal point going forward, and with Conte in charge, who knows how high they’ll finish.


So those are my top 5 picks. I will be setting up a mini league for all fans of ours to join, think you can beat us? Time to prove your salt. Be sure to keep an eye on twitter @nerdhubonline for details of the league and there might even be a prize for the winner. Good Luck.