Below is the list of my 5 favourite characters from the DC universe, I’ve taken into consideration each characters ability, look and backstory.



5. Shazam

To be a superhero, the dream of almost all kids at some point. Billy Banton you lucky son of a gun, by saying the word “Shazam” he transforms himself into one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe, if anyone is wondering I picked the name Shazam because I prefer it to Captain Marvel.

4. The Joker

The most iconic DC villain. I don’t think anyone can really argue that, the main antagonist in some of the greatest storylines to unfold in comic history, With the announcement of the killing joke being made into an animated movie I believe if done correctly it will be become the best Batman movie ever made, I may be bias because Mark Hamill is my favourite Joker but who cares right?

3. Martian Manhunter

Super strong, super fast, healing, shapeshifting, invisibility and many more powers. Well, he just made superman look like a 9 year old girl. Take all the best powers from everyone else in the DC universe and give them to one person and you get Martian Manhunter. He would be higher but I have man crushes on the next two entrances.

2 Azreal

Batman 2.0 but with a sword! I admit it’s an odd choice but hear me out, the name is taken from the name for the traditional Angel of death, and that’s pretty damn cool. He looks like a cross between batman and a Templar knight, also cool. Pretty much everything about this character I find cool, that’s why he gets my number two spot

1 Batman

And to the surprise of nobody Batman takes the top spot, he’s just your average highly trained, billionaire orphan with his own armoury. I have to give credit where credit is due Bruce Wayne is one cold mo’ fo, parents died, because a badass, Jason Todd dies, trains a new Robin, Barbra Gordon gets shot in the spine by The Joker, gets put to work as Oracle. What the hell Batman?



Anyway that’s my list! I hope you enjoyed, and if not you viewed it anyway so who cares