There must be some dark forces at work in the world right now. What started off like any other year has now descended into one that will forever be remembered as the year that everybody died.

Jareth knows...

Jareth knows…

When a celebrity dies, the world reacts. People mourn them, remember them for all that they gave us as fans and consumers of their content, celebrate all their achievements and thank them for all that they gave us throughout their sparkly careers.

When Michael Jackson died, the world stood still. For the first time in years, the world forgot about ‘Wacko Jacko’, the man who changed his ethnicity and got accused of child molestation in one of the most high profile celebrity lawsuits of recent decades, and remembered him as ‘The King of Pop’. His funeral service was watched by millions all over the world, and people grieved.

Alan Rickman in arguably his most influential role Alan Rickman in arguably his most influential role

Alan Rickman in arguably his most influential role

This year is different; this year, we ain’t got time to grieve (said like Blaine in Predator) as high profile death follows high profile death in such a quick succession that it’s almost like there’s some supernatural Final Destination style shadowy death figure making up for lost time after taking a few years off.

David Bowie was the first ‘big’ one, Alan Rickman was another, Lemmy from Motörhead, Ronnie-bloody-Corbit, to name but a few. Celebrated author of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Harper Lee was another, although to be fair she was 89…

Just this week we’ve said farewell to British Comedienne Victoria Wood, popular female star of wrestling and, to a lesser extent, porn, ‘Chyna’, and now today we say goodbye to Prince, which is the third truly gutting one for me personally so far. Alan Rickman and David Bowie also take places on that podium.

Who's next

Who’s next

We leave 2016 in a little over 8 months time, and if the first third of the year is anything to go by, there’s sure to be a fair few more famous names on the memorial lists, but the big question on all of our lips is “who’s next?”