Since the curtain has drawn on 2016 and with WWE undergoing some massive changes, we here at Nerdhub take a look at some of the best matches of the year you can find on the WWE Network. All these GLORIOUS matches for £9.99 a month.


10. Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa – Cruiserweight Classic

The Cruiserweight Classic was a personal highlight of the year for me, and this match was arguably the best they had to offer, the tag team partners put on a clinic and set the tone for the rest of the tournament. The only downside was the time limit in place because I could have easily seen this match go double the time it did. I’m currently a big fan of DIY so lets hope we don’t get a rematch for a while.


9. AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose TLC Match – TLC PPV

AJ Styles is going to be on this list a lot, but I guess that comes with being the best wrestler in the world. This is the most recent entry on the list and would be higher if it wasn’t for the shenanigans at the end. This match was made all the more impressive because AJ Styles wrestled it with a massive tear in his tights, and that springboard 450 splash was a thing of beauty.

8. Survivor Series Male Tag Team match – WWE Survivor series 2016

For over an hour this match was entertaining and it was full of action and incredible spots of wrestling and story telling. Shane McMahon almost got speared in half, the list of Jericho was used as a weapon, a shield reunion, all in all one of the best survivor series matches I can remember, certainly better than last year.

7. Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles – Extreme Rules

I told you AJ Styles appears a lot and this is Roman Reigns best match to date. Personally, I wasn’t too excited about this because I’m bored of Reigns at the main event level. This is almost proof that AJ Styles could wrestle anyone and make it a good match. I’m going to give Roman Reigns some credit because he has come a long way from this time last year and is getting better in the ring.

6. AJ Styles vs John Cena – WWE Summerslam

The last one I promise, but how good was this? It showed everyone that WWE believes in AJ Styles as a top star, this is currently a feud leading into the Royal Rumble so we’ll see if the WWE keep with AJ Styles or give the belt back to Cena. For all involved I think it needs to stay with Styles, Cena isn’t around enough to justify being a champion, well, not the WWE Champion anyway.

5. Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens – WWE Battleground 2016

The last match in the feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens and possibly their best on WWE TV. There was a botched spot but they know each other so well they played it off and worked on the injury. It’s clear both have chemistry and the only thing missing from this was a title to fight for. I don’t think Sami Zayn will win the Universal title and that’s not down to ability, he made his name in ROH and WWE tend not to like that.

4. Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura – NXT

The only match that didn’t take part in a special or Pay Per View and highlighted one of the reasons NXT is held in such high regard among WWE fans. The quality may have dipped slightly since the head writer has moved onto Smackdown but look back at any of the shows in 2016 and the odds are you’ll find it more enjoyable than an average episode of RAW.

3. Fatal 4-Way Match For The WWE Intercontinental Championship – Extreme Rules

At the time of this match I thought the Intercontinental title was the best thing on RAW and this showed why. It’s known as the technical title and with these 4 guys it was easy to see why. The way this starts really sets the pace for the rest of the match. Normally, I’d find fatal 4-way matches a little boring because they tend to be slow matches with a fairly predictable finish but this was anything but predictable. Watch it and you’ll find out why.


2. Sami Zayn vs Shinshuke Nakamura – NXT Take Over Dallas

The crowd summed this match up with a chant of “fight forever” as soon as it happened people were touting it for match of the year and it almost got it. Takeover shows are quickly becoming my favourite pay per views, and probably the closest thing WWE has to matching the talent of Wrestle Kingdom shows (yes better than WrestleMania). Indie star v NJPW star, this match is everything that is great about wrestling and we have the WWE to thank for setting it up.

1. DIY v Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson  – TakeOver Toronto

Tag team wrestling as it should be. The WWE went through a women’s revolution in 2015 and 2016 was the year of the tag teams revolution. This match had everything I want in a wrestling match, false finishes, fast paced action and a match I have genuinely no idea who will win, and this had it all. Nothing I can say will do this justice so just go and watch it, go now.


Let me know some of your favourite matches below and let me know how sexist I am for not picking a Women’s match. come back soon! and check us out on Twitter @nerdhubonline